What are some mind blowing facts about pregnancy?

6 Babies Can Cry In The Womb

Depressing at it might sound, infants have been noted displaying crying behaviors as early as 28 weeks gestation.

Researchers have seen fetuses, in response to a noise stimulus, open their mouths, depress their tongues and take irregular breaths. One fetus even displayed a quivering chin. These observations were first made in 2005, incidentally, during a study on the effects of cocaine and tobacco use in pregnant women.

The medical community is excited about this behavior, as it reveals a complex set of coordinated mechanisms as well as the ability of a fetus to perceive stimulation. But, it’s a little unsettling for a new parent to imagine her baby crying in utero, where she can’t yet comfort him.

On second thought, you really didn’t need to know that; forget you read this. My apologies.

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