What are some mind blowing facts about pregnancy?

12 It’s Possible To Be Pregnant For An Entire Year

“Woman Pregnant for Over a Year” sounds like a tabloid headline, but, much to every expecting mom’s chagrin, it’s a documented fact. In 1945, Dr. Daniel Beltz confirmed that Beulah Hunter, 25, was pregnant for 375 days, and when she gave birth, the baby was completely heathy, weighing in at a little over seven pounds.

Research into the incident revealed that the baby girl was not developing at a normal pace early in the pregnancy, so she required a longer gestation. The only other recorded pregnancy to approach this time length was  317 days.

You likely won’t be pregnant anywhere near a whole year, but it really puts going a few days past your due date in perspective. It’s considered normal for babies to be born up to two weeks “late.”

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