What are some mind blowing facts about pregnancy?

11 Pregnancy Can Affect A Woman’s Eyesight

About halfway through my pregnancy with my first born, I noticed I was squinting to see far away, even with my contacts in. I called my eye doctor to make an appointment but discovered he wouldn’t write a new prescription for me, because I was pregnant.

Pregnancy hormones can alter a woman’s metabolism, fluid retention and blood circulation. These can cause the thickness or curvature of the cornea to change. This is usually minor and temporary, which is why my optometrist discouraged me from getting new contacts. It was annoying not being able to read street signs from far away, but my vision did return to normal shortly after giving birth.

The same metabolic changes can cause swelling in extremities, light headedness when you first stand up and shortness of breath. Ain’t pregnancy a picnic?

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