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5 Nipple Stimulation Is The Only Natural Way To Induce Labor

Zany recommendations for inducing labor abound, and if a woman goes much past her due date, she’s likely to get desperate enough to try anything – spicy food, pineapple or endless walks around the block. Certain yoga poses have even been purported to evict those babies who’ve gotten a little too comfy in the womb.

While some of these magic contraction starters may help or at least keep you entertained while you wait for baby to make her appearance, the only natural, scientifically-proven way to induce labor is through nipple stimulation.

Nipple stimulation causes your body to release oxytocin, which is similar to Pitocin – the drug used to induce labor in the hospital. You’ve got to be pretty committed, though. For it to work, you have to do it for an hour, three times daily!

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